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Brazosport, Texas is located on the Texas Gulf Coast just a short drive south of Houston. Brazosport has long been recognized as the center of commerce for the Brazoria County area. The eight cities that make up Brazosport span a large portion of the actual Brazoria county area. Clute, Freeport, Jones Creek, Lake Jackson, Oyster Creek, Quintana, Richwood, and Surfside Beach are all located within a few minutes of each other north, south, east, and west. Historically speaking, Brazosport is where Texas history began. It is where the first port was established, and where the Republic of Texas' first capital was. It is where the group known as Stephen F. Austin's "Old 300" first stepped off the schooner "Lively." The schooner landed near the mouth of the Brazos River in 1821 bringing men full of hope, courage and the will to survive. They met the challenge of war that greeted them and achieved the reward that solidified them. After engaging in many hard fought battles, they defeated General Lopez Santa Anna (the leader of Mexico's army), and Texas became a Republic. Their hardships and sacrifices were finally rewarded with the signing of the Treaties of Velasco which gave Texas it's independence. Stephen F. Austin, a hero and driving force of the Texas Revolution, later died in West Columbia, Texas. Austin's body was transported down the Brazos River to Peach Point in present day Jones Creek, and buried in a honors tomb at Gulf Prairie Cemetery. In 1910, despite strong family objections, Austin's body was removed from his grave and transported by wagon to Brazoria and placed on a train, traveling to Austin where his final resting place remains today at the State Cemetery.

Aside from the fact that Brazoria County is steeped in natural history and beauty, there are many other reasons why national magazines frequently list the Brazosport area as one of the most desirable places in the country to live, for instance, the excellent school system, lower cost of living, affordable housing, and abundant job opportunity. The close proximity to one of the nation's foremost metropolitan areas has also made the economic base solid and allowed large growth in manufacturing and retail business.

Brazosport's pristine gulf coast area offers miles of sandy beaches, lots of good fishing, numerous local and county parks, and some of the best birding in the state. Abundant local festivals draw many tourists to the area. Brazosport is sometimes referred to as the "Capital of Texas for Festivals." The average annual temperature hovers around seventy-one degrees and the climate is tropical in nature, these factors combine to make ideal weather year-round for outdoor enthusiasts. Visitors can choose from many different hotels, beach houses, RV parks, or Bed & Breakfast Inns for their stay. You can be sure whether you choose Brazosport for a visit, or your next home, you won't be disappointed.

Slogan: Slogan: The Economic Engine of Brazoria County
Mission Statement: Provide unified support and promotion of the Brazosport Community for economic prosperity.
Vision Statement: The center of influence for a prosperous community.

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